Top Ten Greek Baby Names for Girls


High up on the list of baby name trends are Greek names, and with hundreds of years of history and mythology, the beautiful coastal country offers no shortage of inspiration. Though some of the goddesses’ names are harder to pull off than others (Aphrodite, anyone?), the gorgeous, ancient language provides plenty of wearable baby names for little girls.

Here are 10 of our favorite Greek-inspired baby names for girls:

  1. Agatha: This old-fashioned name comes from the Greek word agathos, which means “good” or “kind.” With so many adorable nicknames like “Aggie” and “Hattie” and strong forebears like Agatha Christie, how could you possibly say no?
  2. Alexis: Though it can be used as a boys’ name, we love Alexis for strong and independent girls. Coming from the Greek word alexin (to defend), it can be shortened to something spunky like “Allie” or “Lexi.”
  3. Athena: Of course, any girl with the name Athena would have big shoes to fill, but we still love this name for girls. Borrowed from the Greek goddess of wisdom, skill, and war, any little Athenas out there are just about guaranteed to walk with their head up high.
  4. Chloe: Though in Greek (and in the Kardashian family), it’s spelled “Khloe”, either way this little girl’s name is equal parts strong and sweet. In mythology, Chloe was the summer epithet of the goddess Demeter and recalls her gift for making flowers bloom.
  5. Cleo: Derived from the Greek word kleos for glory and fame, this tough but quirky name borrows directly from the muse of history, Clio.
  6. Helen: This classic name is a Greek legend — Helen was the wife of the Spartan king whose abduction sparked the Trojan war. It means light, torch, or bright … all of which are perfect for a firecracker of a daughter.
  7. Hera: Sharing sounds with the popular “Sara” and “Tara,” Hera is a gorgeous name we’d love to see more of in 2015. In mythology, Hera was the majestic wife of Zeus, the goddess of women and marriage, and definitely a force to be reckoned with.
  8. Kassandra: Also spelled “Cassandra,” in Greek mythology, she was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy and gifted with the power of prophecy. We love the cute nickname “Kassie.”
  9. Olympia: Another widely unused name that we think deserves some credit, the name Olympia comes from Mount Olympus, the Greek mountain that was home to the gods in legends. Powerful without losing any femininity, any girl with this name is destined for greatness.
  10. Paris: Though it seems like this name would be French in origin, it actually comes from the Trojan prince who started the Trojan war. Maybe it was used traditionally as a boys’ name, but we love this for little girls (thanks, Gilmore Girls).

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