Greek Names – a Religious Tradition

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On the off chance that you’ve ever been to Greece or have a Greek people group where you live you’ve most likely seen that numerous individuals have similar names. Why would that be?

Quite a bit of Greek naming needs to do with custom and religion. For instance, it is normal to name the firstborn young lady the same as her Grandmother’s on her dad’s side. Indeed, most Grecian’s names are passed down from their grandparents. Be that as it may, there is a typical root: religion.

Greek Orthodox religion assumes an extensive part in the naming of its kin. Numerous names have been passed down hundreds of years. They pay praise to divine beings and religious figures, for example, the Virgin Mary-Maria-and St. George-Giorgos. Antiquated Greek divine beings like Aphrodite and Apollo likewise impact cutting edge naming.

Normal female names in Greece incorporate Maria, Katerina and Eleni, while regular male names incorporate Giorgos, Yannis, Konstantinos and Nikolaos. Antiquated Greek names are additionally turning out to be more prevalent. They incorporate Alexander, Ares, and Ilextra.

In Greece, natives observe Name Days. Every day of the year is doled out a name, and on that day individuals get together to commend the general population that hold that specific name. The name days fall around the same time each year unless there is an occasion like Easter in the way.

So on the off chance that you’ve returned asking why you met such a large number of “Marias” now you’ll get it. Greece is an old nation and its antiquated conventions and religion have chosen huge numbers of the names of the general population from that point. All things considered, it’s decent to be contrasted with a holy person or god.

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